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May 2019

More overnight closures

The water shortage is already beginning to tell as more flights are scheduled for overnight stoppages. Simply subscribe and see all scheduled and emergency stoppages in one place - BoatSatNav.

April 2019

Water restrictions begin

The very dry summer of 2018 and the recent below average rainfall has already begun to affect some waterways with restricted opening hours on several lock flights. Don't risk spoiling your holiday or interrupting your journey, subscribe to BoatSatNav now and see all of the stoppages and restrictions clearly marked on each waterway guide.

March 2019

March winds and April showers

Well, the showers seem to have come early as several navigations have gone in to flood. BoatSatNav shows all rivers and canals affected by these and other emergency stoppages as well as planned winter works.

Even Google can get it wrong

The latest version of Google maps for Apple devices has two bugs - When using location tracking, your position appears over to one side instead of in the centre and, for journey planning, the 'directions' option has disappeared when clicking on a BoatSatNav icon. As a workaround, you can click on ther nearest Google icon and use that. We have reported the issues to Google.

February 2019

RCTA floating markets

The Roving Canal Traders Association is a non profit making organisation that encourages and supports trading on the UK's waterways (we're members ourselves). They organise numerous floating markets each year where trade boats from across the country sell their wares. We have added these markets to our guides and also produced a separate map showing the market locations -

January 2019

It just keeps coming!

Food allergies are increasingly becoming a consideration when eating out. That's why we are now beginning to add detail to our listed eateries to show whether the venue caters for vegetarian, vegan and gluten intollerant customers. We're also noting if real ales are available (crucial for many a boater!) as well as highlighting family, disabled and dog friendly venues.

December 2018

Don't get caught out

We're amazed at the number of boaters we speak to (including professionals like boat movers) who have had no idea that winter stoppages were going to affect their journey. There is a very easy solution - for £1 per month you can subscribe to BoatSatNav and have access to that information at the touch of a button. No brainer!

October 2018

More winter stoppages

The Environment Agency have begun to announce planned winter works for the River Nene. These have been added to the Nene guide.


We publish links, where available, to reviews for pubs and eateries. The Apple version of Google Maps doesn't allow the live links to be clicked or copied, so we are now also summarizing the reviews so that you can see the average rating for that venue. Google have been made aware of this difference between the Android and Apple versions of the App and will hopefully address the issue.

September 2018

Winter stoppages

All proposed winter stoppages by CRT for 2018/2019 have now been added to the relevant guides.

The areas affected are marked with a thick orange line and more detailed information of the works and the proposed dates can be viewed by clicking the line, either on the map itself or by selecting the item in the menu.

If you switch off the other layers (the ‘selective viewing’ tutorials on how to do this are at: you can quickly see an overview of where the stoppages are on each map.

August 2018

Water shortages

There have already been some significant closures on some of the northern canals due to the prolonged dry weather. Restrictions are now being introduced further south.

We publish this information on the relevant guides so that you can see if your journey is going to be affected. Subscribe now for as little as £4 to stay up to date with all of the stoppages and restrictions.

July 2018

Flexible Access

We've been asked by a number of hire boaters if they could access the guides just for the duration of their holiday rather than becoming a full member. Good idea! We also know of boaters who go cruising for around 3 months at a time. With that in mind we have introduced 3 shorter term access packages for one, three and six months.

Bridges and Mile Markers

We are sometimes asked 'why don't your guides include bridges and mile markers?'. These were traditionally used to determine a boat's position and how far it had travelled. With BoatSatNav your position is tracked on the map so you can see exactly where you are at any time. You can also calculate how far you have travelled or how far away your destination is. Watch the two tutorials named 'journey time 1' and 'journey time 2' to learn how to do this: Tutorials

June 2018

Load, guide, cruise, re-load...

Data is being added to the guides daily. In particular, planned and emergency stoppages are put on when they occur. We recommend refreshing the map data each time you go cruising to ensure you always see the latest information. To do this simply open the map legend and click 'refresh'.

April 2018

E-mail typos

We're finding a fair number of registrations with incorrect or mis-typed e-mail addresses - & instead of @, mail instead of gmail, spaces in the address, addresses that are not linked to a Google account - to name a few. Please ensure you enter the details accurately. If you have registered and have not received a confirmation within 24 hours then it may be that you have entered your details incorrectly.

March 2018

Live and Dynamic

Whilst it is possible to save our guides to use off-line, remember that you will be missing out on one of the most powerful features of BoatSatNav. All of the information you can see is dynamic and is constantly being added to and updated. Winter stoppages and emergency closures for example are added within a few hours of their release, so you can see if anything is going to affect your journey. No need to trawl through several different sites to find the information, we do all the hard work for you and put the data in one place - here!

December 2017
Bow Back Rivers added

The network of waterways around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park known as the Bow Back Rivers is now open for navigation so we have added this information to the London Waterways guide.

Food hygiene ratings

The addition of both food hygiene ratings and reviews to pubs, restaurants, takeaways and cafes is now well under way.

November 2017
Emergency Stoppages

BoatSatNav guides will now show emergency stoppages (shown on the guides as a thick, dark grey line) as well as planned closures. These will appear on the relevant maps within 24 hours of the information being released.

October 2017
Avon stoppages added

2017/18 winter stoppages for the River Avon (Avon Navigation Trust) have now been added to that guide.

EA stoppages added

2017/18 winter stoppages for Environment Agency waterways - River Thames, Great Ouse, Nene - have now been added to the guides.

September 2017

CRT Winter Stoppages

All proposed winter stoppages by CRT for 2017/2018 have now been added to the relevant guides.

The areas affected are marked with a thick orange line and more detailed information of the works and the proposed dates can be viewed by clicking the line, either on the map itself or by selecting the item in the menu. If you switch off the other layers (the ‘selective viewing’ tutorials on how to do this are at: you can quickly see an overview of where the stoppages are on each map.

August 2017

Work begins on Rivers

Based on the registrations, the most popular river navigation by far is the Thames. Work has now begun to add detail to that guide. Watch out for more updates over the coming weeks.


August 2017: BoatSatNav features at Blisworth Festival

Once again, thousands of visitors graced the canalside at Blisworth. BoatSatNav was demonstrated to both long term boaters and hire boaters alike and the response was fantastic.

We've already received a large number of registrations through the site and expect many more over the coming weeks as word spreads. We just hope all of your old map books are being recycled properly!

July 2017

All canals connected to the main waterways network contain key navigational information such as locks, junctions, winding holes and boat services. Many of the popular routes such as the Grand Union Canal are very well populated with other data such as shops, post offices, places to eat and drink, rail and bus connections and medical resources.

The next major input of data will be for the key rivers. Check back here regularly to see what updates have been completed.